Triple package of Roudy filter

  • 1st filter (PP)
  • 2nd filter (UDF)
  • 3rd filter (CTO)
Roudy Water purifier Filter

Roudy Water purifier Filter

  • Using suitable, sanitary and high quality raw materials
  • Not infecting drinking water with microorganisms and bacteria
  • Not releasing toxic elements and harmful substances while placed in water

1st filter (PP)

  • Complete elimination of mud
  • Using sanitary raw material food grade
  • Removes suspended particles up to 5 microns

2nd filter (UDF)

  • Long life operation
  • Saves time and water consumption
  • Removes chloride, odor, flavor and color
  • Using active carbon with high uniformity coefficient

3rd filter (CTO)

  • Increasing the life of membrane
  • Not changing the PH of drinking water
  • Complete elimination of particles below 5 microns