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About Gowarab

Gowarab Company was founded in 2012 in a land by area 15000 M and 7000 M of infrastructure with the purpose of designing, manufacturing and supplying all kinds of carbon, polymer and mineral filters in order to be used in household and semi-industrial water purifiers according to international standards and quality.

  • Production capacity: more than 7 million of all kinds of water purifier filter
  • The only knowledge-based company with new technologies in iran


Responsibilities have been documented, trained and monitored in the Gowarab Sazan Dasht Sabz Company. Responsiveness is defined as a strategic approach to improve the effectiveness of work, both within and between organizational processes and customer-related processes.


In its value-attitude approach, Gowarab Sazan Dasht Sabz Company has given customers not only the requirements of their products-related services such as accountability and authoritative institutional accreditation, but also increased knowledge and knowledge of the water industry, especially in the area of drinking water and standards. It considers what it is and what it decides for consumers of this critical substance.


In pursuing the advancement of all science and industry, the company is committed to studying the quality of the most urgent needs of consumers in biotechnology, a study that, according to the purpose of the R & D unit, leads to industrial designs. The consumers of the products of this company are so valuable that the share of the company’s sales will be spent on studying, designing and building up the requirements for improving their water quality.


Quality as one of the most important and powerful organizational processes in the company, makes the work of decision making, monitoring tools and permanent control, corrective measures and continuous improvement in all stages before, during and after production.

Our vision

Our route

By the end of 1398, the company will offer products and services with a special competitive advantage in the country and expand the scope of presence outside the country’s borders and become a leading company in the water refining industry, so that the brand in the regional markets has always been noticeable.