Why Dram Plus No flushing ?

Gowarab Company has designed triple filters with simple and easy installation for the first time. The Dram No flushing Triple Filter Pack, in addition to having the functional properties of Dram filters, is designed in such a way that after installation, there is no need of flushing because this special product does not release effluent at all.

In fact, no flushing triple filters, with three filters, perform five filtration steps and it works in such a way that with the first passage of water, black particles are not separated from the filters and so they will not need flushing after installation.

In addition to increasing the life and efficiency of the membranes, this prevents additional actions by the consumer or installers. Therefore, the installation of the filter would be simple.

  • Simple and easy installation
  • Increase membrane life time
  • Significant time savings
  • No release of tiny and carbon black particles
  • No need of flushing after the first installation
  • Using suitable materials for drinking water
Dram Noflushing
  • Extended life of no flushing carbon filters due to the type of design
  • No need for extra containers to collect effluent at the installation site of home water purifiers
  • Easy installation steps and very clean and quick replacement of filters by consumers and beginners
  • Using high quality herbal carbon in production and increasing the absorption coefficient of color, odor, taste and free chlorine of water

Contents of Dram Plus No flushing water purification filter Carton

Dram Plus No flushing water purification filter
Dram No flushing water purification filter
Dram water purification filter
Dram Plus purification filter