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The knowledge-based company with new technologies

Gowarab Company was founded in 2012 in a land by area 15000 M and 7000 M of infrastructure with the purpose of designing, manufacturing and supplying all kinds of carbon, polymer and mineral filters in order to be used in household and semi-industrial water purifiers according to international standards and quality.

– Production capacity: more than 7 million of all kinds of water purifier filter
– Has the most equipped laboratory in the country in the water treatment industry

Dram Nano

certified by Nano council

No need for UV

Multifunction filter

Special product

With manual booklet

corporate standard registered

Using completely sanitary raw materials food grade

Nano antibacterial dram water purification filter


Eliminate all types of bacteria and microorganisms

new formulation

Produced with a new proprietary formulation

No use of silver

silver in the filter structure

The only manufacturer

in Iran by the best material


family Health


Dram Plus Noflushing

  • Simple and easy installation
  • Significant time savings
  • Increase membrane life time
  • No release of tiny and carbon black particles
  • No need of flushing after the first installation
  • Extended life of no flushing carbon filters due to the type of design

Gowarab products

Knowledge-based products and production in line with international day-to-day technologies in accordance with environmental standards

RoudyWater purifier Filter

فیلتر تصفیه آب قنات

QanatWater Purifier Filter

Dram Classic Water Purifier Filter

Dram ClassicHerbal Filter

antibacterial water purification filter

Dram NanoAntibacterial filter

Dram Noflushing

Dram PlusNoflushing filter