Why Nano antibacterial filter

By removing free chlorine in water as a harmful element however it is disinfectant, water becomes susceptible to contamination with a variety of microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria.

We strongly suggest you our antibacterial filter which doesn’t allow bacteria and microorganisms to grow and multiply.

The filter is certified by Nano council. Its structure is based on materials that don’t allow any microorganisms and bacteria to grow on its body. The presence of an antibacterial agent or biocide in the structure of the filter eliminates the risk of contamination of its surfaces to a variety of bacteria and microorganisms.

Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli are among the bacteria that inhibit the growth of antibacterial filter surfaces.


 Antibacterial Dram Filter Features

  • No need for UV
  • No use of silver in the filter structure
  • Produced with a new proprietary formulation
  • Removes the color, odor, bad taste of water
  • Triple pack and in accordance with the standard
  • Eliminate all types of bacteria and microorganisms
  • one of the best water treatment filter manufacturer in Iran
antibacterial water purification filter

Contents of Antibacterial Dram Water Purification Filter Carton

Nano antibacterial dram water purification filter
Nano antibacterial dram water purification filter
Nano antibacterial filter
water purification filter